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Windmill Primary School Participates in RAF STEM Collaboration

Blog Header Image 14/07/2022

On Friday, 8 July, Year 6 pupils from Windmill Primary School were invited to participate in the Royal Air Force Space Challenge.  This STEM event, designed by the Smallpeice Trust, provided children with the opportunity to design, build and launch an air-powered rocket.  Using scientific methodology, pupils were able to test both the best angle trajectory at which to fire their rockets to achieve maximum distance, as well as determine maximum payload (plastic bricks) for their designs.  Children across England participated in this STEM event, which was live-streamed on YouTube.  In fact, Windmill Y6 were proud to be the only school featured during the live-stream, displaying their understanding and progress on a national scale.

‘We really enjoyed this event as it encouraged us to work as a team,’ said Isabella, Y6. ‘I found it really exciting to see the different types of rockets and use our science learning to see how far they would go,’ added Olly, also Y6.  The children came away from the event energised to see how their learning can be used in the real world and to have a greater understanding of how much goes into the design of space technology.