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Professional Development with GLF Schools

We are committed to providing a wealth of professional development opportunities for all colleagues within GLF Schools and beyond, across a range of stages in their careers.  Alongside our GLF Schools' Central Education Team, our talented team of leaders and specialist staff provide high-quality professional development opportunities and teacher training to all schools and academies.

GLF Schools' Director of Education (Russell Bennett) states,

“With a culture of growing, learning and flourishing together we are united by the same underpinning principles to unlock opportunity, fulfil potential and stretch the boundaries of possibility for all. We believe that collaboration and expert challenge are integral to professional development. We enable this through our training, networking and regular opportunities for dialogue. Our approach draws upon high-quality, evidence-based practice and educational research.  We are committed to continuously refining and developing our CPD, ensuring that it is targeted and responsive to support all career pathways and ambitions”.

The CPD offer includes issues of national and regional importance and where appropriate, will also cover operational and strategic issues relating to key school development priorities for schools and the communities that they serve. Our range of courses are continuously being updated.  Please click on the link below to view the GLF Schools Professional Development Opportunities brochure. 

GLF Professional Development Opportunites Brochure for Teaching & Associate Colleagues

If you are interested in any of the courses within the brochure, please contact -
If you are a colleague within GLF Schools please click on the link below and visit the brochure via SharePoint - 

SharePoint Link for GLF Colleagues

We also have a range of additional professional development opportunities running as part of our Teaching School Hub offer.  To view these opportunities please click on the link -

Professional Development Opportunities - Teaching School Hub