GLF Schools

Why Choose a GLF Nursery?

At GLF Schools we are committed to helping children have the best possible start in life by providing rich learning opportunities from the earliest age.

To support our vision, many GLF primary schools already have a school run nursery on site offering their local families a high quality, free, funded only 15- and 30-hour places with no conditional charges. Early education should be available to all families and support social mobility.

The scientific evidence is overwhelming. What happens in the first thousand days of life, and even in the womb, is critical to outcomes later in life. At this stage of development, the brain is changing fast and the crucial connections that form depend on the child’s environment, experiences and relationships. We can see a huge difference between children even at two or three, based on their earliest experiences. Evidence shows the significant impact of early education on early child development and school readiness, with the most difference observed by those children affected by financial disadvantage (Save the Children, 2016).

Children who attend GLF nurseries become familiar and settled in the school’s environment and our nursery and Reception staff teams work closely to ensure transitions are seamless and children are ready for school and eager to learn.

We exist to serve our communities by providing all children and staff the opportunity to grow, to learn and to flourish.

To find your nearest GLF nursery please see our list of schools here.