GLF Schools

Working at GLF Schools


GLF Schools comprises 42 schools across the South East of England, educating 17,000 young people and employing 2,500 members of staff. Our schools are always encouraged to be creative and innovative, to try new things and to do what is best for the education of the children and students we serve. We have a culture of sharing best practice and finding ways to implement ideas that work best for you in your school, department, function, or classroom. 

Through the GLF Teaching School Hub we offer bespoke learning and development programmes, courses and qualifications to teachers and associate staff at every stage of their career, helping them to grow, learn and flourish.  Working with other education training providers, schools, teachers and stakeholders, we strive to recruit, grow, develop and retain the very best teachers, associate staff and leaders. 

No matter what stage you are in your career, or what job you do, we will support and develop your skills. We have a highly experienced team of leaders, mentors, subject specialists, and function leads all committed to supporting your career and developing your skills.  

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