GLF Schools

The GLF Hummingbird


The hummingbird is an ancient symbol representing tireless energy and the pursuit of all that is good in life.


With their ability to migrate very long distances, hummingbirds demonstrate the persistence that leads to success in life.

This is a representation of the Trust’s commitment to work with parents and communities to ensure success for our individual children and staff. 

The vibrancy of colour represents energy and diversity. The wings of the bird, in the shape of petals, reflect the growth and flourishing of our children and our colleagues.


Our Vision, Values and Mission

At GLF Schools we believe in
●    Greater impact through collective action
●    Local leadership of education
●    Facilitating our children and our staff to be the best they can be

Our Vision:
All our children and young people will receive the best possible start in life. 
Every child will transition successfully to their next stage of education, training or employment.

Our Values:
Our core values of Respect, Inclusivity, Integrity and Kindness help drive our daily behaviours and standards. 

Our Purpose:
We work together sharing experience, sharing resources and sharing support.
Our schools are stronger by working together.

Our Mission:
We exist to serve our communities by providing all children and staff the opportunity to Grow, to Learn and to Flourish