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Established in 2022, the GLF Schools' Foundation seeks to provide opportunities for all young people within our schools to have exposure to opportunities and experiences regardless of their financial background. The Foundation aims to minimise the socio-economic barriers that exist, preventing young children from exploring, experiencing, and enjoying a variety of beneficially healthy activities. Within our schools, we have approximately 3,000 students - almost 20% of our total students - who are recognised as disadvantaged through financial means; these are the students to whom we are focusing support in accessing a breadth of opportunities to help them succeed in life.

The GLF Schools’ Foundation enables us to provide opportunities and experiences across our schools to pupils who would not otherwise have the chance to partake in these extra-curricular activities. This is only made possible through voluntary income and those we work in partnership with, and we are grateful for the support received which helps our children to grow, learn and flourish.

Julian Drinkall, CEO GLF Schools 



Through the GLF Schools’ Foundation Opportunity Fund, students and their families are able to apply for individual funding and additional support to further develop and follow their passions in an opportunity they have experienced. Through our wide community of families and friends, we are raising funds for those most in need and assisting them not only financially but by providing role models through the successes of our ambassadors in their given fields - Rory Burns, Jessie Knight, Steven Reid, Paul Hodgson, Raye Harvey, Corrie Lunghi, Charlie Sinclair and Jack Pepper. Alongside this, we are supporting programmes and projects to increase the diversity of opportunities in our 42 schools to ensure all students have the experiences at school that they deserve. 


3 Ps (1)

"GLF Schools is seeking to deliver a leading model of community investment for Multi-Academy Trusts. The formation of the GLF Schools’ Foundation will benefit all our school communities and our children, students, staff, and families. GLF Schools and its Foundation will work collaboratively with external partners to enable us to deliver an even more outstanding educational experience."

Lynne O’Reilly, Chair of Trustees


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