GLF Schools


Supplying GLF Schools and its Academies


Procurement at GLF Schools is carried out in accordance with legal requirements, financial regulations and the Trust’s Procurement Policy.

The Trust engages suppliers, via Purchase Order, using GLF Schools' Terms and Conditions.  The standard Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Goods and Services are available to view here. Where alternative terms and conditions are required, due to the specialist nature of requirements (for example; works and some complex services), the terms and conditions are contained as part of the Invitation to Tender procurement documentation.

All suppliers must have appropriate contractor insurance, required levels and details will be specified within the procurement documentation.

When engaging suppliers, the Trust utilises a number of routes to market including Framework Agreements as well as awarding our own contracts through competitive tender and quotation activity.  Each order under a framework agreement shall be in accordance with the framework terms and conditions in addition to the Trust’s terms and conditions.  Framework terms and conditions shall take precedence should there be any conflict with the Trust’s Terms and Conditions.