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How To Help


With your support GLF Schools’ Foundation can:  

  • Level the playing field for disadvantaged students in this challenging time 

  • Positively impact mental health and well-being through access to enjoyable activities 

  • Provide exposure for routes to success for all students to improve motivation and achieve within schools 

  • Promote the importance of community engagement and cohesion through opportunities and partnerships 


“We aim to raise enough money to ensure that all students have the opportunity to experience the benefits of being active no matter their socio-economic background.” 

GLF Schools’ Foundation 


What difference will your donation make? 

By supporting GLF Schools’ Foundation you are helping us to provide a breadth of opportunities and experiences to children who would not otherwise have the chance to participate in these activities.  

Your donation will allow us to: 

  • Provide specialised teaching to all GLF schools by linking with local clubs, companies and businesses 

  • Provide CPD opportunities for staff to be able to confidently deliver extra-curricular lessons 

  • Subsidise students from low socio-economic backgrounds to enable them to access opportunities and experiences outside of school 

  • Identify talented students and mentor those students using our ambassadors 

  • Deliver face to face inspirational sessions to students 

All donations will be used solely for the purpose of providing opportunities to children within GLF Schools. 


Donations of any amount are gratefully received and can be set up weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually or as a one-off payment. 


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Thank you for your support, it will make a huge difference.