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Longford Park is Outstanding

Blog Header Image 7/01/2022

Staff and students are celebrating a full house of Outstanding awards in its ­first Ofsted report. All ­five key elements of the inspection were given the top grade in a report. “Pupils are thriving at Longford Park,” says the report. The Ofsted inspector also made particular note of the inclusive ethos of the school and said pupils are taught about diversity and respect.


I feel gloriously proud of the children, families and staff at Longford Park who have all worked together to create such a vibrant and inspiring school community.  The vision for the school curriculum is innovative and exciting to be part of.  As Head, I feel highly privileged to work in a school that has been judged as outstanding in all areas and look forward to the next chapter in the journey of Longford Park.

The HMI commented that there was a culture of educationalists at Longford Park and our work is worthy of being shared.  To have external validation for the hard work being undertaken here and across the Oxfordshire Hub makes me feel incredibly proud.  

I met with the Pupil Leadership Team following the Ofsted visit and the children told me they felt pleased with the result but they already knew the school was great - they enjoy coming to school and would want their friends to come too!  This made me smile and put it all into perspective!

Claire Martin,
Head of School