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Outstanding first Ofsted for Aureus Primary School

Blog Header Image 17/11/2022

Children at Aureus Primary School develop into responsible, articulate and impressive young people thanks to an all-round outstanding education based on an ambitious and bespoke curriculum, says their first Ofsted report.

“Their aim is to equip pupils with the knowledge and skills they need to be exceptional citizens in tomorrow’s world,” it says.

The inspection team highlighted the school’s leadership for striving tirelessly to empower all the children to ‘dream, believe and achieve’ and added the ambition ‘shines brightly through all aspects of the school’s work’.

The positive comments reinforce the STEAM-based curriculum, grounded in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics; which was started in 2018. Aureus Primary School remains one of few primary schools to offer such a dedicated, bespoke curriculum which includes elements designed specifically for their location.

Awarding Outstanding status in all categories of the inspection, the report also praises the school for ensuring that children with special educational needs or disabilities achieve ‘exceptionally well.’ It adds that all the children value kindness and show high levels of respect to each other and adults. “They are rightly proud of the help they give to each other when they are upset or lonely. Leaders and pupils do not tolerate bullying,” says the report.

Everyone connected with our school is very proud of this achievement and it reflects how much hard work goes on to ensure we offer the very best education for our children. To achieve Outstanding across the board for our first inspection is a huge accolade”, said Nicola Roberts, Head of School.

We are grateful to the full school community, every child, family and member of staff, for achieving a remarkable inspection result. We continue to work together to instil aspiration and high expectations to empower every child, without exception, to become successful citizens of the world.

Our relentless focus on promoting high-quality learning for all our children and doing the very best for them is at the heart of all we do. This ethos will continue and we will always be striving to be the best we can be.”

Children are eager to be in school and parents praise the support on offer. One parent said ‘my daughter skips off to Aureus every day.’

“Leaders have made sure that knowledge is developed in a sensible sequence right from the start of Nursery and through on to Year 6,” says the report.

Very strong subject knowledge by the teaching staff ensures tasks are designed to enable pupils to make connections in their learning both within and across subjects,” the inspection team found. It adds that leaders prioritise reading and are ambitious for all children to learn to read from the start of Reception.

The ‘exceptional’ behaviour of the children is also picked out for praise. The inspectors noted that they all demonstrate ‘high levels of self-control’ and learn to follow consistent rules. “They play well together, learning to take turns and to consider the needs of others. Children in the early years invite each other to join in with their play, making sure that no-one is left out,” the report says.

There is also praise for the safeguarding processes which have clear systems in place to ensure all staff know what to do. Children feel safe in school and have clear, age-appropriate knowledge of how to stay safe online.