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Lime Tree Primary School Rated 'Outstanding'

Blog Header Image 20/07/2022

Lime Tree Primary School has been rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted - leaving children and staff feeling proud.

Inspectors visited the school in the middle of May, and their newly published report has given the school the highest rating possible, grading the school as ‘outstanding’ in every category of judgement.

“Children and staff are proud to be part of this exceptional school,” the report began. “Leaders’ unwavering focus on weaving the schools’ values of courage, responsibility, cooperation and resilience through every aspect of school life has created an environment in which children thrive. Children flourish. They mature into curious, articulate and well-rounded individuals. 

Children's approach to learning was described as “exemplary” with classrooms “buzzing with a shared sense of purpose”, and staff and school leaders were praised for listening to children and trusting them with responsibilities that they lived up to, setting “the highest of expectations for children’s behaviour and learning.”  

The report noted that “GLF Schools and the school strategy board support leaders exceptionally well,” and that “staff are unanimously proud to work at the school,” with their professional development “a priority.”  

The curriculum was praised for meeting the needs of all, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). 

“Right from the start in early years all children are excited and motivated to learn by the experiences they are offered,” the inspectors noted. 

Regular checking of what children have already learnt ensures that they progress in a methodical way, and early years provision was given particularly high commendation, as children “get off to a flying start” through “expert” teaching. 

Efforts to encourage children’s personal development “truly stand out” as do activities to “help children to understand and value a range of cultures and beliefs…excellent learning behaviours are established quickly.” 

Positive relationships throughout the school helped with its safeguarding efforts, and it was commented on that “parents have a high degree of trust in the school to help keep children safe.”  

Understandably, Headteacher Claire Williamson was delighted to see the efforts of everyone involved in school life receive such a glowing report, Claire said:
"It is wonderful that the hard work of our whole school community has been recognised in this way. We are extremely proud of this achievement and will continue to strive to provide wonderful opportunities and experiences for the children at Lime Tree."