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GLF Schools' Teaching School Hub


In 2019, the DfE published their Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategy, recognising that there are ‘no great schools without great teachers’. This strategy is designed to ensure that a career in teaching is ‘attractive, sustainable and rewarding’ and provides ‘a commitment to transform support for teachers’. We recognise that teachers have a significant impact on pupil outcomes and life chances and that it is important to support our school leaders in creating an environment that supports teacher development and to provide opportunities for teachers to collaborate and share best practice.

The DfE has designated 87 Teaching School Hubs to support this work and GLF Schools is the Hub for West Sussex, supporting schools across this region and within GLF.

The Teaching School Hub works alongside key organisations including Research Schools, Curriculum Hubs and partnerships, specialist networks such as Whole School SEND, Universities, SCITTs and subject associations to provide a comprehensive professional development offer.


Teacher Training


At GLF Schools, we believe that the best place for trainee teachers to learn how to become excellent classroom practitioners is in schools. Training with GLF Schools’ Teacher Training is centred around an evidenced-based curriculum, supported by guidance from highly skilled practitioners, who will provide on-going support to ensure that our trainee teachers have the confidence to master the skills required and put the knowledge and theoretical concepts learnt into practise within the classroom.  By doing so, our trainee teachers can really make a difference to the learning and lives of the children.

Trainees follow a bespoke and carefully devised Professional Studies Programme, delivered by some of our very best practitioners, one day per week. Our training sessions involve a blended learning approach and take the form of seminars, lectures or workshops, which are supported with online programmes to further develop and embed learning. Our teachers focus on the development of both their subject knowledge and pedagogical expertise. We offer strong pastoral and professional care, and pride ourselves on knowing our trainees as individuals.


Our Vision

The GLF Teaching School Hub will provide high quality professional development to teachers and associate staff at every stage of their career, helping them to grow, learn and flourish. Teaching and learning is at the core of everything we do, with a culture of support and a drive for improvement.

Working with other education training providers, schools, teachers and stakeholders, we will strive to achieve excellent education provision and lifelong opportunities for all our children. Collaborating to recruit, grow, develop and retain the very best teachers, associate staff and leaders.

We will deliver and signpost to high quality professional development and evidence informed practice, to support, develop and enhance the quality of teaching across the region.


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