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Good news all round for Merstham Park School

Blog Header Image 5/12/2022

School leaders at Merstham Park “ignite a passion for learning in their students” in an environment where “learning and success are a top priority”, says their first Ofsted report which awarded a Good status in all areas.

The inspection team highlighted that leaders are determined to make a difference to the life chances of students. The drive and commitment of staff was also reflected in a parent’s comments: “I am hugely impressed by the passion and dedication of the staff I have met. I couldn’t wish for more and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Merstham Park,” they said.

The ambitious, broad and balanced curriculum was singled-out for praise along with the school ‘values of being inclusive, collaborative, resilient, respectful and successful.’ Students embrace the opportunities available to them, and enjoy their learning.

“I am delighted that the Ofsted inspection team recognised Merstham Park to be a good school in all areas. It was reassuring to see them acknowledge the wide-ranging strengths of the school, including our distinctive vision, values and ethos, all of which are well supported by students, parents and staff. We have an extremely hard working and dedicated group of staff at Merstham Park and I am immensely proud to lead them,” said Andy Ward, Head of School. “Our core values are powerful and we are delighted the inspectors highlighted the ethos. We want our students to develop into the responsible citizens we desire them to be in this modern world. As a school focused on our community ‘inclusion’ is the bedrock of our other values.”

“Pupils behave well and respect each other. They are happy and proud of their school,” the recently-published report says. A culture of inclusion, wellbeing and safety is at the heart of everything the school does and there are high expectations of student behaviour, which means bullying is not tolerated. Safety and wellbeing is a high priority for both the school and the wider community. “Pupils recognise this and have confidence in the systems and education that support them to be safe. Leaders have developed systems to identify pupils at risk,” says the report.

“Pupils receive appropriate and relevant careers information, advice and guidance,” the report notes.  “This includes careers-focused learning every week, enrichment mornings and online videos from local business leaders who talk about their career journey,” the inspectors said.

“The importance of reading is seen as a priority. Across subjects, teachers ensure that opportunities for reading in class are maximised, placing suitable emphasis on key terminology that pupils should learn and remember.”

Staff are proud of and enjoy working at Merstham Park and contribute to the vision set out by leaders.