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Crispin Bunt MP visits Salfords

Blog Header Image 11/03/2022

Salfords Primary School welcomed local MP, Crispin Blunt, this week for his first school visit in two years. Mr Blunt thoroughly enjoyed his visit and was extremely interested in what the School Council had to say and the diverse range of questions they asked him.  

Mr Bunt told the children about his job as an MP and his own personal journey. He explained that it is his duty to represent the views of the people of Reigate in Parliament and he listens to local residents on subjects such as local services, shops, transport and schools.  

He spent his childhood in Germany as his Dad was a soldier and went to boarding school in Hamelin – just like the Pied Piper! When he was growing up he wanted to be a soldier and he spent his early career in the Army before changing direction to be an MP, as he liked being able to support people. He said that when he was younger, he liked the idea of a battle and now as an MP he battles with other’s opinions! He will celebrate 25 years as an MP on 1st May 2022. 

The School Council had the opportunity to question Mr Blunt and asked questions about politics, his career and what he does in his spare time. He is a big cricket fan, supports Chelsea football club and it is probably no surprise that he is interested in current affairs as the news is, “on a lot and comes with the territory.” 

Ramsey asked a thoughtful question about the current war in Ukraine and Mr Blunt shared the historical background of the USSR and past World Wars along with complicated UK and USA agreements.  

Super sleuth Ava had discovered that Emily Blunt is Mr Blunt’s niece and asked him if he has been in any movies. He replied that he hasn’t although he has been on TV and that “to be in politics is like TV for old people!” 

As he left Mr Blunt congratulated Salfords' co-headteachers, Mrs Christer and Mrs Regnard on their leadership and the progress that Salfords has made, which he said is a true testament to their commitment and hard work.