Award Winners

Academic Year 2017/18

Summer Term

Zach Nichol  - Cuddington Croft Primary School
Awarded for a special achievement and being a role model for the GLF trust values.

Zach Nicholv2            Zach nichol + siblingv2

Zach has Diplegic Cerebal Palsy this has a marked effect on gross and fine motor skills. he has to wear AFO's and special shoes. Despite this Zach is a bundle of energy who gives everything his all. He loves sport and particularly football which he is always keen to play. He has recently joined Chelsea's Pan disability team.

Zach has been becoming much more aware of his disability. He wanted to show that actually being disabled is just about being different and being different is unique and that’s ok. As a result Zach decided that he wanted to raise money for CP Sport.

I am hoping to raise some money for CP Sport by doing something I love - scoring goals Sometimes I find it difficult to balance and my legs hurt but by playing football and cricket I can keep fit and it helps my physiotherapy I play for Chelsea’s Pan disability team and am in my first tournament at the end of May!

With a few of my friends we are taking on my big brother and some of his friends and having a penalty shoot out - we have to see how many goals we can score against them in a round robin format in ten minutes It’s on a 5 aside pitch and they are going to be wearing eye patches and interesting football kits!! We want to score at least 20!

CP Sport helps children like me, providing opportunity to participate in lots of sports I might have CP but it doesn’t have me! “

Outcome 33 goals and £1009 raised which will mean 200 kids with CP can have a kickstart football day.

Zach has delivered presentations to his year group at school, his Chelsea squad and his Beavers Colony. As is often the case with these types of things the impact is felt wider than hoped as his entire colony then worked on their disability badges. He also set up a just giving page, which is still open if you should wish to donate.

Zach's mum says "The whole process from a simple idea to try and increase his confidence, whilst achieving that, has also taught our whole family about giving, teamwork, having fun together, involving friends, impact of social media, internet comms with the CP sport website and just giving page, humility, and most importantly Zach has realised that he has got a lot of support from very many people"


Autumn Term

Finlay Minter, Year 6, Salfords Primary School, Surrey

Finlay Minter

Under the award criteria of making a special achievement, GLF are proud to announce that Finlay is the first recipient of GLF's Excellence Award. Finaly won a National Science Award called the Statoil Young Imagineers competition hosted by the Science Museum in London. Further information about the award can be found here: Britain's Young Imagineers

He designed a prototype 'hover wheelchair' that helps wheelchair users to access buses, trains and rough terrain without the need for help. Finlay’s invention was a carbon fibre hover wheelchair with titanium wheels. Using magnetics, the idea was designed to assist wheelchair users to get upstairs, onto trains and buses without needing to ask for help. Finlay’s idea was inspired by seeing his Nan who struggled with stairs and with getting on the bus and his Aunt who uses a wheelchair. His entry will be produced and exhibited in the Science Museum during the start of 2018.

Aside from his own achievement, by winning the competition, Finlay's award has benefited the other children at Salfords to enable them to flourish in Science as well. The year 6 children will receive 50 copies of the book 'This Book Thinks You're a Scientist'. They will also receive a Science Museum Outreach Team visit to lead a high quality day of Science for the whole year group.