GLF Schools Excellence Award

GLF Excellence Award

Young people across the GLF are encouraged to make their mark in the world by seizing opportunities to Grow, Learn and Flourish.

The GLF Excellence Award has been introduced to recognise and celebrate our pupils and students commitment, talent, dedication and positive contribution to a whole range of activities in school and to the wider community.

The award represents that excellence has been achieved and provides winners with trust wide recognition of their achievements across all the GLF schools.

GLF Award Aspirations

GLF Excellence Award embodies GLF's ambitious vision for education. GLF schools are committed to our core remit of providing an outstanding educational experience so that:

  • every child and student is highly valued and expected to achieve their full potential no matter what their socio-economic background
  • all children will enjoy their learning, attain high outcomes and be helped to become confident individuals and responsible citizens whilst making excellent progress
  • all children will benefit from an inclusive ethos, excellent teaching and a broad and balanced curriculum underpinned by strong leadership, in a local school
  • all children will be supported and encouraged to lead healthy and active lives, making sensible choices whilst respecting the views and attitudes of others

Criteria for Award

Applicants for the award should embody the trust's vision and values through:

  • Demonstrating that they have made a special achievement or met a significant milestone from their individual starting point.
  • Demonstrating a significant contribution to the local or wider community as a responsible citizen
  • Demonstrating effective leadership underpinned by inclusiveness and equality
  • Becoming a role model for the trust's culture, vision and values

The award should be seen as the next step after a school has awarded a pupil a headteacher or commendation award.