Superb results for GCSE students at Rosebery School

We have been celebrating superb GCSE results today with two students achieving top grades in all ten of their subjects.

Our school had 88 per cent of students achieving 4+ in English and Maths, and 74 per cent achieving 5+ in English and Maths. Some 48 per cent of grades were at grades 9-7, 30 per cent of grades were at 8-9 and 30 students achieved grades 7 – 9 in every one of their subjects, including Katerina Elger and Ellie Watson who achieved 9s in each of their 10 subjects.

Also achieving exceptional results were Emma Brady, Rachel Brewin, Amelia Casciani, Rachel Child, Natalya Elger, Amaya Lawson-Fernandez and Scarlett Turner who all achieved 8 grade 9s, Molly Bailey, Monica Kitchen and Ashlyn Lam who achieved 7 grade 9s and Lara West, Ruth Hindmarsh and Martha McRobb who achieved all grade 9s and 8s (the equivalent of the old A* grading) in all of their exams.

Ruth gained eight GCSEs at 8 grade and two at grade 9, in biology and chemistry.

"I’ve been revising since February, so my revision has paid off, I’m very happy," she said.

She plans to stay on to attend the sixth form at the school and study A-levels in music, English literature and language and maths.

Her older sister, Anabel, also a Rosebery student, got her A-level results last week and Ruth said it was really useful that they were both studying at the same time as the house was always quiet.

“I’m not sure if our parents enjoyed having two stressed daughters in the house though,” she added.

We are thrilled that our students have achieved such exceptional results collectively and individually. This cohort of students sat more exams than any other year group before them, and we should not underestimate the pressures that this placed upon them. They have risen to this challenge superbly and we are incredibly proud of them all. These results also reflect the tireless support and hard work of all the staff at Rosebery. 

Twins Katerina and Natalya Elger gained 18 grade 9 GCSEs between them in an unprecedented, set of results for us.

Natalya gained eight results at grade 9, one at grade 8, and one at grade 7, while her sister had 10 GCSEs at grade 9.

Natalya said: “We did a lot of revision and always supported each other.“

Katerina’s top tip for exam success is to study in short bursts of around 40 minutes of alternating subjects so you don’t get bored, and also to work with past exam papers.

Natalya will be studying A-levels in French and Spanish while Katerina will be taking biology and chemistry. Both sisters plan to take maths and further maths A-levels.

Their mother said: “I’m so proud and relieved. They have two older sisters who also did well at the school, which was great in a way as they were able to support each other, but it did put a lot of pressure on. I advised them whatever you get, be happy with your results as you worked so hard.”

Charlotte Williams overcame exam nerves to bag a clutch of good GCSE results. She gained four 9s, two 8s, three 7s and a 6, with her best results being in English Literature, English Language, History and Sociology.

“I feel good,” she said. “I didn’t think I would do this well. It took a lot of work and I suffered badly from stress and it took a lot of encouragement to get me into the exam hall!”

Her top tip for exam stress? “Work hard but try and find some time just for yourself too. And remember you can’t help what happens on the day so don’t stress: it’s not the end of the world.”

Charlotte plans to stay on at Rosebery to do A levels in History, Economics and English Literature and would like to go on to university, possibly to do English or History.

Rugby fanatic Sophie Goulder-Parks is off to college in Gloucester to do a diploma in Sports Performance and Excellence.

Sophie will be a boarder at the college during the two-year course and then hopes to be picked for a women’s premiership team and ultimately to play for England.

She has been playing rugby seriously for several years and plays for a local club in the Epsom area but is passionate about playing at elite national level.

She gained two 6s, five 5s, a 4 and a 2 in her GCSEs, one of which included Physical Education.

Delighted Ashlyn Lam gained one grade 7, two grade 8, and seven GCSEs at grade 9.

She was particularly pleased with her grade 9 in English, as that was the subject she had struggled most with. Her tips for exam success are: “Be honest with yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.“

She is going to Epsom College to study A-levels in maths, chemistry, biology and further maths. She hopes to study medicine and maybe go into paediatrics or become a surgeon.