Exceptional year at Rosebery School for A Level results

Twins Mae and Anwen Evans are both off to their preferred choice of university, but not together.

The girls have been celebrating their success with others who received their A levels results, as a third of all the grades achieved were A* or A in an exceptional year for our school.

Mae got A* in Maths, physics and biology, and an A in further maths. She is heading to Leeds to study mechanical engineering and would like to work as a Formula One engineer. Her sister gained Cs in psychology, business and physical education and is going to Chichester to study sports psychology.

There was no sibling rivalry, in fact the girls helped each other to study. Anwen says: “People are bound to compare us but our subjects are so different and so are our goals.”

A group of 15 students achieved the top marks in all their exams and a total of 80 per cent achieved A*- C grades in this year’s exams.

Among those celebrating success were Alice Rothwell, awarded three A* grades; Leana Greenstein achieved two A*s and an A along with Anabel Hindmarsh, Muskaan Rizvi, Ciar Sirkett and Sophie Watts.

Emma Baptiste got A in religious studies, B in biology and C in chemistry and is planning a gap year but hopes then, to join the Royal Navy and become a helicopter pilot.

Georgina Begley gained a B in law and C in drama and also in English. She is going to Nottingham Trent, her first choice university, to study criminology. 

“I really enjoyed law and considered studying that at uni, but I am really interested in why crime happens,“ she said.

Georgina helped to run the drama club at school and hopes to continue with her drama interests at university.

Amber Hyatt, also 18, achieved an A in economics, and a B in both business and law, and is going to Oxford Brookes to study business and management. She hopes to do something business-related to do with people, probably human resources.

And Anna Williamson gained B grades in biology, chemistry and geography, and is going to Liverpool University to study zoology. Longer term, she would like a career involving some form of animal related research.

Joint head girls Freya Hawken and Sophie Watts paid tribute to the teaching staff. Freya said: “We got an amazing level of support here; nothing was ever too much trouble for the staff.”

Freya gained A* in geography, A in maths, and B in history. She is going to Exeter to study law. Sophie gained A* in both geography and economics, and A in maths. She is going to Durham to study geography, and would like to go into politics or become a teacher.