The Chartered College Certificate in Evidence-Informed Practice

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This programme focuses on developing a greater understanding of how evidence can be used to inform practice and in turn, improve outcomes for children and young people. The programme focuses on both theory and practice. On theoretical level, consideration of how evidence-informed practice can contribute to improved teaching practice and hence improved outcomes, and at a specific, practical level through exploration of key research evidence on topics such as cognitive load theory, retrieval practice, curriculum and more, and how practice in these areas can be optimised to improve learning outcomes.

Whilst delivered entirely online, the programme is designed to enable powerful opportunities for collaboration, including through breakout groups in webinars, shared discussion board and forums, text-based online chats and peer review activities. There is also an opportunity for challenge, with question and answer sessions supported by expert contributors (including Paul Kirschner, Patrice Bain and CJ Rauch) provide expert challenge.

The programme itself usually takes participants 3 months to complete, with regular and sustained engagement throughout. It also provides an opportunity for progression to further learning, and participants can revisit their learning at any time.

You'll find more information on the Certificate in Evidence-Informed Practice: HERE  (including the link to apply)